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A team of creators and innovators with diverse technical and business expertise, ALIVE delivers customized solutions and unique products to support the automotive and motorsports industries. That includes technologies that serve fans and enthusiasts, as well as businesses interested in reaching the unique audiences that the automotive and racing industries represent.

Our first product to market - a free app for auto enthusiasts called MotorCrush - is now available on iOS and Android devices. MotorCrush - the mobile app for the modern car enthusiast!


For more information about MotorCrush, check out motorcrush.com or reach us at info@motorcrush.com.

And stay tuned for more products from ALIVE that connect and serve the community of individuals and companies active in the automotive and racing industries. There's more to come in 2018.

ALIVE will also begin offering consultative services in marketing and technology for businesses and individuals in the automotive and motorsports industries in late spring.



How You Can Work
With Alive





Interested in working with the ALIVE team? Let’s get started:

  • Approach us with your business problem
  • Work with us to realize your innovative idea
  • Bring an existing product or service and explore a partnership
  • Fund a project idea produced by our think-tank
  • Connect with like-minded individuals in the automotive and racing industries through our cutting-edge products

Together, let’s bring innovation to life!





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