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Andy Lally ALIVE® was built upon the foundations of entertaining, interactive, instructional, and innovative experiences using digital marketing and technology products—all aimed at the automotive and motorsports industries.



Fueled by Trellist Marketing and Technology, ALIVE offers integrated marketing and technology services and solutions to businesses in the automotive and motorsports industry. The firm utilizes a team of approximately 100 experts with different backgrounds to find the right mix of strategy, data, analytics, innovation, and creativity within your timeframe and budget to meet your business goals.



How You Can Work With ALIVE

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ALIVE serves businesses across the automotive and motorsports industry—from local auto shops and tuners via our small business division to established brands via our enterprise client division. We treat our clients as partners and will work with you to reach your business goals, whether it be utilizing and optimizing our products, boosting your brand’s marketing or technology via our professional services, or both! Contact us to determine how we can work together to achieve your business goals.