Smart Tech with Modern Techniques

Track Rabbit® is a marketing-based event registration, member management, and administrative platform for automotive enthusiasts and the motorsport industry.


Within and beyond your platform

Our powerful, easy-to-use platform includes features such as customized branded white label site(s), fully integrated e-waivers, multi-faceted custom forms, flexible fee capture options, integrated services sales by you or your preferred partners, a comprehensive member management system, and seamless email and text blast capabilities.

With industry-low pricing, you can save ~40-90% annually while raising your attendance through our sponsorship programs, data-driven marketing, and unique approach to business that caters to your needs. Prided on our easy-to-do-business-with philosophy, you can explore the platform at any time with a no obligation agreement.


Your team

Track Rabbit goes beyond filling your rosters. Signing up with Track Rabbit gives you the tools you need to bring your business to the next level. It’s more than a registration platform—it’s a strategic partnership with a motorsports-centric professional services firm.

From the start, our Implementation Team will help you understand all of the options and features you can take advantage of and utilize.

Then, we’ll pair you with one of our in-house Account Managers, and offer a variety of custom marketing techniques and revenue-building support.

All the while, our knowledgeable Customer Service Team acts as an extension of your team for your customers in the rare occasion they’re needed.


Your revenue and reduce your budget

Create heightened member retention, tap into new revenue streams, and use additional marketing channels to reach key demographics, all while reducing the overall admin. time for your team.

Plus, save ~40-90% in registration expenses with our industry-low fees. There are no hidden costs, no service fees, no annual fees—allowing you predict your exact profit and put your budget to more important things.


Your reach and retention

Track Rabbit is just one of several integrated products that make up the ALIVE® ecosystem. Together with automotive-focused marketing and technology services, Awesome Joe Auctions™, AJA Lite™, TrackBookings.com™ and the MotorCrush® app, we’ve built a valuable network of data generating tools, systems, and content that encourage sharing, community, and connectedness.


of track rabbit

Hear directly from co-founder Andy Lally on the vision of Track Rabbit.