Jun 20 2024

Awesome Joe Auctions Introduces AJA Lite: A Customizable Vehicle Marketplace Website Tool for Automotive Businesses

One of the key advantages of AJA Lite is its customization feature, allowing businesses to match the tool’s colors with their own brand and filter the listings to showcase vehicles that align with their customers’ specific needs. This customization ensures a seamless integration into the partner’s website, providing a consistent and branded experience for their users.

Jun 17 2024

Breaking Traditions: BMW CCA and Track Rabbit’s Unprecedented Partnership

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) and Track Rabbit®, the innovative marketing-based event registration, member management, and administrative e-commerce platform, have joined forces. This transformative long-term partnership is made possible through the Andy Lally ALIVE ecosystem, marking the first of its kind in the motorsports industry. BMW CCA has endorsed Track Rabbit as the preferred choice for all BMW Chapters to switch to this year.

Jun 10 2024

New Track Rabbit Feature Alert: Custom Reports

Track Rabbit announces the launch of our highly anticipated Custom Reports Feature, designed to enhance event management and streamline operations for our clients. This new feature, developed based on extensive client feedback, offers flexibility and efficiency in creating and managing reports.

May 31 2024

Track Rabbit Introduces Free Driver/Rider Evaluations and Custom Forms for Motorsports Organizations

Track Rabbit, the marketing-based event registration, member management, and administrative e-commerce platform for automotive enthusiasts and the motorsport industry, is excited to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Custom Form Builder. This new feature empowers event organizers to create, customize, and manage driver/rider evaluations, incident reports, tech inspections, and more, all within the Track Rabbit platform.

Mar 06 2024

Fueling Innovation: Track Rabbit’s 5-Year Partnership Expansion Led by Radford Racing School, GingerMan Raceway, Speed-Fanatics, & More

Track Rabbit, a marketing-based event registration, member management, and administrative e-commerce platform tailored for the motorsports industry, announces 5-year strategic partnerships with an influx of additional leading motorsports organizations including Radford Racing School, GingerMan Raceway, and Speed-Fanatics Motorsports Club (SFMC).

Feb 12 2024

Track Rabbit New Feature: Removable Transaction Fees

In the pursuit of innovation, Track Rabbit announces its latest game-changing optional feature: Removable Transaction Fees. This feature is set to redefine event organization administration by providing event organizers with options of unparalleled flexibility, profitability, and transparency.

Jan 19 2024

Track Rabbit Feature Alert: White Label Calendar Website Integration

In the ever-evolving world of event planning and organization, staying ahead of the curve is essential. We’re excited to introduce our latest innovation: calendar website integration for your white label!

Nov 09 2023

Track Rabbit’s New Feature: API Access + Google Analytics 4 Integration

In its ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients and adapting to the evolving needs of the industry and technology, Track Rabbit introduces two groundbreaking enhancements designed to benefit tracks, clubs, and schools, regardless of their tech stack or business model.

Nov 07 2023

Track Rabbit Feature Alert: Job and Instructor-Level Based Run Groups

The latest enhancements support both the Job and Instructor-Level tag feature and the Instructor Role features recently released are designed to empower event managers and instructors alike. This latest update is designed to empower both event managers, associated staff and volunteers through specified job-based or instructor-level run group registration.

Nov 02 2023

Track Rabbit Feature Alert: Job Roles

Looking to streamline your business’s operations? Need a short-term hire for an upcoming event? Now you can create a “job” in Track Rabbit and tag attendees or members you’ve deemed qualified to fit a role within your business. You create and define every job, giving you maximum flexibility to suit your business needs.

Oct 30 2023

Track Rabbit Feature Upgrade: Instructor Setting

New upgrades to the Track Rabbit instructor feature allow admins to select a user to act as an “instructor” for events and manage instructor pairing within the roster. This upgrade will give instructors access to additional pages, the ability to perform certain actions, and more. This will allow admins to assign tasks and streamline event …

Jul 14 2023

Track Bookings Introduces New Premium Targeting Options for Enhanced Exposure and Growth

Track Bookings™ announces the launch of its premium targeted feature upgrade. This update brings a range of powerful features that will supercharge providers exposure and drive unparalleled growth for trackside services and motorsports businesses.

Jun 27 2023

ALIVE® Acquires Track Bookings™, Further Integrating the Motorsports Industry

Andy Lally ALIVE®, a trailblazing marketing and technology company dedicated to serving automotive enthusiasts and the motorsports industry, has successfully acquired Track Bookings™, an online motorsports network of services tailored to track day needs.

Jun 20 2023

Awesome Joe Auctions Unveils New Look and Upgraded Features

Awesome Joe AuctionsTM, the vehicle enthusiast marketplace, is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned platform, upgraded features, and simplified pricing—offering buyers and sellers an enhanced e-commerce experience.

Jun 12 2023

ALIVE Geolocation Application Gets Awarded Patent, Empowering Niche Communities

Trellist Marketing and Technology®, a leading professional services firm that fuels Andy Lally ALIVE®, has been successfully awarded a revolutionary geolocation patent through its initial application for an ALIVE product. The patent’s scope encompasses a broad array of implementations commonly encountered in social media and various digital platform environments.

May 22 2023

Track Rabbit Feature Alert: Stripe Update

Track Rabbit upgrades Stripe connection to offer additional payment options and fee types. With the upgraded Stripe connection, Track Rabbit aims to provide a better experience for its clients and registrants, offering more payment options and fee types to fit their business model.

Feb 23 2023

Track Rabbit Feature Alert: Advanced Controllable Race Classing

The Advanced Controllable Race Classing was built in a simplified fashion to allow any administrator to group event participants based on skill level, vehicle type, or other factors.

Feb 15 2023

Track Rabbit Feature Alert: Purchasable Vehicle Number Reservation

Registrants in the Track Rabbit system can now reserve a vehicle number for their exclusive use, for a whole year.

Feb 14 2023

Track Rabbit Feature Alert: Custom Teams

Track Rabbit’s Teams feature has had a revamp. Now participants can create their own teams, add teammates, and add team vehicles all within the event registration page.

Jan 13 2023

ALIVE Owner Attains Certified Veteran-Owned Business Status

We are proud to announce that the marketing services organization behind ALIVE has received a Veteran-Owned Business (VOB) certification by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and National Veteran Business Development Council!

Dec 21 2022

Awesome Joe Auctions Feature Alert: Anti-sniping

Awesome Joe Auctions anti-sniping feature extends bidding when a person (or a computer) tries to place a last-minute bid during the auction. This feature protects real buyers from losing the chance to purchase the vehicle they desire. Feature Benefits: Bring fairness to the vehicle marketplace Gives bidders the possibility of an honest counter bid VISIT …

Dec 06 2022

Track Rabbit Feature Alert: Gift Codes for Boosting Events

Gift codes can be applied to any event on Track Rabbit, this feature works equally well for both current Track Rabbit users and those who don’t yet have an account with us. Feature Benefits: Increases Revenue & Retention: Gift codes are another way to fill your event rosters―with no effort on your end. When friends …

Nov 08 2022

Track Rabbit Adds New Feature: Account Creation During Registration

Track Rabbit’s newest feature creates a new account for participants during the registration process. New Feature Benefits: Get More & Save More: Organizers get even more registrants and participants save time by combining the account creation process with registration. Increase Your Remarketing Audience: Capture and retain customer information at shows or social events when they …

Sep 15 2022

Track Rabbit Adds New Feature: “Invite-Only” Events

Track Rabbit’s newest feature gives organizations the ability to toggle an “invite-only” option when creating an event. When the feature is turned on, it will block all users from registering for the event who were not invited by the administrator, allowing the organizer to host elite and private events that they can control access to. …

Aug 02 2022

America’s Fastest Growing Motorsports Registration & Marketing Platform, Track Rabbit, is Going Global

After years of success, and a rapidly growing U.S. client base in 2022, Track Rabbit® is expanding its business operations internationally. The registration and marketing platform can now support new time zones, currencies, addresses and is compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation laws. By offering its services and marketing expertise to clients outside …

Apr 21 2022

Awesome Joe Auctions Adds New Feature: Make an Offer

Awesome Joe Auctions is now offering buyers the option to counter a seller’s asking price on any classified listing. With this feature, buyers are given the opportunity to try and strike a deal with the seller, and come to an agreement on a price that’s fair for both parties. If the seller accepts the offer, …

Mar 11 2022

Track Rabbit Adds New Feature: Grab and Push

Track Rabbit’s new Grab and Push feature automatically transfers customer information from its servers to an event organizer’s CRM through API integration. This means that organizers will always have the most up-to-date info on their registrants without having to put in any manual effort. This feature will also help build customer-relations to: Keep leads and …

Feb 14 2022

Awesome Joe Auctions Adds New Feature: Quick Sell

Awesome Joe Auctions is now offering sellers the option to accept a bid placed on their auction listing at any time if the bid is above their reserve limit. With the Quick Sell feature, sellers no longer have to wait until their auction is intended to end to sell their vehicle. Choosing this option means …

Feb 09 2022

New to Track Rabbit: Non-Numerical Vehicle Assignments

Event organizers can now allow their participants to select non-numerical “numbers” on vehicle assignments. This means letters or numbers can be used as unique identifiers on vehicles, allowing for more flexibility for users at registration. For example, participants could use “ABC” or “007” as their vehicle identifier, which can make registering a vehicle much easier. …

Feb 03 2022

Track Rabbit Adds New Feature: Afterpay

Track Rabbit is now offering new financing solutions through our partnership with Afterpay – which gives users the option to finance high-ticket events, up to $2,000, in installments over time or in full during registration. With this partnership, Track Rabbit can also provide: More flexible cashflow options New participation opportunities for customers who would not …

Dec 02 2021

Awesome Joe Auctions Vehicle Featured on Jalopnik

“How does a 450 horsepower, LS-engined, manual transmission, two-door drop top sound? One that, unlike a Camaro, doesn’t sacrifice your love of driving a car straight into a lake without calling your insurance agency.” Jalopnik.com has just discovered one of Awesome Joe Auctions’ more unique listings – the 2008 CAMI Hydra Spyder and learned more …

Nov 29 2021

Awesome Joe Auctions Vehicle Featured on Road & Track

“What is left is a running, driving 2005 IndyCar, one in a weird configuration with a strange history that makes it one of the most uniquely collectible cars from an era.” Roadandtrack.com recently took an in-depth look at Panzo’s 2005 GF09 Indy Car’s history on the track, it’s one professional race, and how this car …

Nov 16 2021

Track Rabbit’s 2022 Update Goes Well Beyond Event Registration

Based on years of experience in the motorsports event registration space and a vision to make continuous enhancements, Track Rabbit has launched a new 2022 version of its website. This includes an extensive number of features, adding dozens more events and clients to its all-star roster of tracks, schools, and clubs, and employing a true …

Nov 01 2021

Get an Inside Look at ALIVE’s Product Evolution

“We’re protecting the buyers, we’re making sure things are verified, and we’re introducing sellers to buyers they feel more comfortable with so it’s more likely the sale is going to go through,” said Product Manager Tommy Atadan, when asked how ALIVE’s Awesome Joe Auctions is different from other online auto auction platforms. In the recent …

Oct 29 2021

Get Into The Mindset of ALIVE Co-Founder

“Business is a cross between luck, smarts, and faith but the execution of an idea is so underrated; a lot of people think they can do things until they realize that execution is very difficult” said David Atadan, ALIVE Co-Founder, while discussing his business owner career path. Cars Yeah recently sat down with David to …

Oct 27 2021

HotCars Takes In-Depth Look at Awesome Joe Auctions

“The Buy Confident agreement creates a sense of reassurance, helping to overcome the shortcomings presented by remote viewing of photos, videos, or documents” said Awesome Joe Auctions co-founder David Atadan while discussing the inherent risk of finding a car online. HotCars recently sat down with David and product manager Tommy Atadan and discussed how condition …

Sep 20 2021

Buy Better and Sell Smarter with Awesome Joe Auctions’ New Patent Pending Process

Awesome Joe Auctions™, the digital marketplace for real motor enthusiasts, has introduced a better way for people to buy and sell vehicles online. Online auto sales have always presented a problem for both the buyer and the seller as either party could walk away unhappy or even worse fall victim to scammers. Awesome Joe Auctions …

Oct 20 2020

Track Rabbit® Partners with Smartwaiver® to Offer a Free, Fully Integrated, Best-in-Class Digital Waiver Solution

Track Rabbit®, the motorsports industry’s fastest-growing event registration platform, has partnered with Smartwaiver® to deliver a fully integrated electronic liability waiver (e-waiver) solution that is convenient, secure, and easily accessed from any mobile device. For a limited time, Track Rabbit is offering clients free access to an entire Smartwaiver account, within and outside of Track Rabbit, through 2021.

Oct 07 2020

Track Rabbit® Goes the Extra Mile with a Comprehensive Upgrade

In the three years since its launch, Track Rabbit® has grown and improved to attract thousands of users and dozens of the industry’s top tracks, schools, and clubs. Today the platform has advanced its stake further with a completely upgraded registration interface and an even larger marketing, administration, and customer service team to support its planned growth.

Oct 01 2020

Awesome Joe Auctions™ and Lockton Team up for Track Insurance

Lockton, a renowned insurance group for motorsports, has partnered with Awesome Joe Auctions, an online auction platform for modified, motorsport, classic, exotic, and other commodity autos for collectors, racers, and hobbyists.

Sep 04 2020

Amplifying the Awesome Joe Experience with Appraisals from AAG

Auto Appraisal Group (AAG) has teamed up with Awesome Joe Auctions, an online auction platform for modified, motorsport, classic, exotic, and other commodity autos for collectors, racers, and hobbyists.

Aug 19 2020

Awesome Joe Auctions™ and Grundy Insurance Announce Partnership To Streamline Collectible Car Insurance for Buyers

Classic car insurance agency Grundy has formed a partnership with Awesome Joe Auctions, an online auction platform for modified, motorsport, classic, exotic, and other commodity autos for collectors, racers, and hobbyists.

Aug 14 2020

Awesome Joe Auctions™ Partners with Premier Motor Oil Producer Motul

Once a bidder has taken home their new vehicle from Awesome Joe Auctions—whether a pure sports car or a clean classic—Motul is the brand they can rely on to keep its engine in top form.

Jun 17 2020

Carlisle Spring Auction at your fingertips

AN AWESOME NEW SELECTION Awesome Joe is all about providing you with a unique collection of tuned, motorsport, classic, and exotic rides. And thanks to our partnership with Carlisle Auctions, we have exclusive, expertly selected inventory for you to explore. Due to the unexpected circumstances of COVID-19, Carlisle Auctions has offered their Spring Auction customers …

Mar 25 2020

Performance Level: Über, Driving Evals™ Partners with Track Rabbit®

Driving Evals™, the online evaluation system for driving schools and HPDE events, has partnered with Track Rabbit® to provide instructors and students alike with assessment criteria.

Mar 18 2020

Montway Auto Transport® Goes the Distance with Awesome Joe Auctions™

Montway Auto Transport®, the No. 1 rated car transporter in the U.S., has partnered with Awesome Joe Auctions™. Together, the two auto-driven companies offer successful bidders a seamless process for bringing their purchases home.

Mar 09 2020

MYLAPS Reports Now Available

Timing events just got easier. Track Rabbit is now compatible with MYLAPS automatic sports timing technology.

Jan 31 2020

Value of Switching Confirmed: Track Rabbit® Surges as Multimillion-Dollar Processor, Anticipates Growing Tenfold

Only in its third year, the registration system has become a primary platform for these events, and now that it has renewed its contract with every client from last season—as well as signed on a bevy of new ones—Track Rabbit projects it will only increase its presence in the auto/motor industry.

Jan 29 2020

Motorsport Industry Veteran and Former BMW Chapter President Joins Track Rabbit® Team

“There is a spectrum of solutions right here [at Track Rabbit] for attracting, registering, and retaining members—it is the platform for car people.”

Jan 27 2020

Lally Takes the Podium at 2020 24 Hours of Daytona

Founder Andy Lally and the GRT Magnus Team took their spot on stage at Rolex 24 last Sunday, making it Lally’s tenth podium at the Daytona race.

Dec 02 2019

Free Unless Sold: The New Online Auto Auction House for the Modern Enthusiast

Cyber Monday marked the official launch of Awesome Joe Auctions™, the new online auction house for the modern enthusiast that offers a collection of modified, motorsport, classic, exotic, and other commodity autos for collectors, racers, and hobbyists.

Nov 26 2019

World Racing League Signs with Track Rabbit®

In a club-wide announcement last weekend, World Racing League stated they have made the switch to Track Rabbit as the future registration and event promotion platform for all of their events.

Aug 27 2019

ALIVE Hires Melanie Schilling as Acting Chief Financial Officer

Andy Lally ALIVE® is pleased to announce that Melanie Schilling has joined the company as acting Chief Financial Officer. Melanie will lead ALIVE’s fiscal and accounting functions, and take the wheel in the company’s financial matters.

Aug 13 2019

Win a Hot Lap Ride with Andy Lally at Virginia International Raceway

Race fans have the chance to win a hot lap ride with professional sports car diver and five-time Rolex 24 at Daytona class winner Andy Lally at the upcoming IMSA WeatherTech Championship series race.

Jul 22 2019


Herb Houston of South Carolina has been named the Grand Prize Winner of the MotorCrush 100K Sweepstakes.

Jul 11 2019


Download Press Kit MotorCrush users are days away from learning whose #GarageGoals came true in the 100K Sweepstakes. The Andy Lally ALIVE® team is set to announce the modified Nissan GT-R winner at the IMSA Northeast Grand Prix—part of the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship series—Saturday, July 20, 2019, at Lime Rock Park just before 10 a.m. …

Jul 09 2019

Self-Taught Car Builder Wins Track Day with Andy Lally

Jeffery Armstrong of Atlanta, Georgia has been named the fifth monthly drawing winner of the MotorCrush® 100K Sweepstakes.

Jun 05 2019

Lockton Motorsports Insurance® Enters Long-Term Partnership Agreement with Track Rabbit®

Lockton Motorsports®, an insurance provider for motorsports enthusiasts, signed a long-term partnership agreement with Track Rabbit®, an automotive registration, marketing, and administration platform. In its second year of operation, Track Rabbit is already working with motorsports’ largest tracks and clubs across the country. Lockton Motorsports provides HPDE, Off-Track, AutoCross and Event Organizer Insurance coverage for …

Apr 04 2019

Track Rabbit®: The Paradigm Shift in Motorsports Registration

Only in its second year, Track Rabbit is recognized as a sophisticated and customizable tool that is increasing driver attendance and saving money for the industry leaders who have made the switch.

Apr 01 2019

YouTuber Wins MotorCrush’s® Exclusive Track Day with Andy Lally

Jeremy Mumford, an active member of the car scene, and avid MotorCrush user since the app made its debut, has been named the fourth monthly drawing winner of the MotorCrush 100K Sweepstakes.

Feb 15 2019

Dreams Do Come True in the MotorCrush® 100K Sweepstakes

Bruce Smallacombe of Scranton, PA has been named the third monthly drawing winner of the MotorCrush 100K Sweepstakes—giving him the opportunity to fulfill his dream of learning to drive a race car from his favorite professional IMSA driver: Andy Lally.

Jan 18 2019

MotorCrush® 3’s 100K Sweepstakes Announces 2nd Monthly Drawing Winner out of Over 100,000 Entries

After the second month of its wildly successful sweepstakes, the MotorCrush® team has selected its second monthly drawing winner from over 100,000 entries: Jesse Holman of Ohio.

Dec 21 2018

Andy Lally ALIVE’s® MotorCrush® 3 Announces the First Monthly Sweepstakes Drawing Winner

MotorCrush® 3, the app for motoring enthusiasts, has chosen the first Monthly Drawing winner in the MotorCrush 100K Sweepstakesؙ-Ben Maurer of Pennsylvania. “I’m psyched to get on track with Andy! Even if this thing gets scheduled during the busy season on the farm when I’m working 70 hour weeks, I don’t care, I already warned …

Nov 14 2018

Andy Lally ALIVE’s MotorCrush® 3 Reaches 100,000 Users; Sets Sights on 1 Million with Launch of $100k Sweepstakes

MotorCrush® 3, the app-based community for motoring enthusiasts, announces the launch of its $100k Sweepstakes after reaching its first goal on the path to 1 million users. “We’re excited so many enthusiasts are already embracing MotorCrush 3! We built a true digital community specifically for them and it’s extremely satisfying to see how quickly MotorCrush …

Aug 01 2018

ALL NEW MotorCrush 3 Nearing 100K Users

We’ve made some jaw-dropping improvements with the newly launched MotorCrush 3, and we want to share the best features that are now available!   EVENT MAP AND LEADERBOARD Discover when and where the next event for your ride will be held, or promote your event map to tens of thousands of enthusiasts. At an event, …

Jan 09 2018

Introducing Clubs – An Exciting New Feature

You may know MotorCrush as the social network built just for car enthusiasts– but the newest feature is going to add some serious horsepower to your club like you have never experienced before. It’s called MotorCrush Clubs and it is here to bring your group of like-minded enthusiasts to the next level.   THE PERFECTLY …

Oct 04 2017

MotorCrush Pitches In to Help the Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation

At MotorCrush, we believe in keeping the pedal down on life. The spirit of Andy Lally ALIVE, the company behind MotorCrush, is about living life to the fullest. And with that in mind, we were thrilled to sponsor a great event this past weekend to support the Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation. One of Chip’s favorite …

Sep 14 2017

Andy Lally Wins Again at Trans Am Debut

It’s not every day that you get to see a killer 16-place jump in a race. But this weekend at the Trans Am debut in Watkins Glen, Andy Lally put the pedal down and made it happen! Lally was driving the GoShare/Burtin Racing Chevy Camaro and keeping it real with his classic MotorCrush suit. Lally …

Sep 12 2017

The Inaugural Chip Miller Track Day Presented by MotorCrush

Sunday, October 1st at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ MILLVILLE, NJ – The Chip Miller Amyloidosis Foundation is excited to announce the inaugural Chip Miller Track Day at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ. Come join us this Fall for a day of driving at the prestigious New Jersey Motorsports Park. …

Aug 28 2017

Off-Roaders, This One’s for You! Off-Road Cars Come to MotorCrush

The love of all things fast isn’t limited to road cars, so why should MotorCrush be? That’s why we’re totally stoked to say – in addition to the hundreds of makes and models on the app – an in-flux of off-road cars, bikes and trucks have recently joined our fast-growing social network. Considering this is …

Aug 15 2017

Andy Lally Steals the Show at the XFINITY Series

Did you see it? Everybody’s talking about it. Twitter was roaring with support Saturday afternoon as MotorCrush cofounder Andy Lally ripped across the finish line at the NASCAR XFINITY Series race at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course – leading the SS Green Light race team to a fifth place finish. But it wasn’t just the …