Awesome Joe Auctions™ is a vehicle enthusiast marketplace offering curated classifieds and auctions, assisted by agents that facilitate the sales process by hand.



Our patent-pending Buy Confident Process℠ takes the worry out of buying sight unseen and assures you are getting a real deal. Our auction listings are perfect for buying commodity autos and specialized vehicles, while our new classified listings bypass the bidding war allowing you to buy a vehicle directly. Each listing with vehicle conditions included can be validated upon request to assure accuracy. Specific conditions and validators can be requested, so you can buy worry free.

All bids are free to place, allowing you to make as many as you need to secure your dream ride. Auctions that end with a final bid above the Reserve Price and classifieds with accepted offers pay a 3% (max $3,000.00) service fee. Under the Buy Confident Process, $500.00 (or 10% of the sale, whichever is less) must be deposited into an escrow account once a sale commences.

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Sell your ride knowing it will go to someone who appreciates it as much as you do. Our FREE TO LIST UNTIL SOLD* policy provides you a risk-free listing option, and our patent-pending Buy Confident Process brings more buyers to you, driving up the price of your vehicle. Plus, you have the choice to list conditions to be validated by a third party in the event of a sale, demonstrating the true value of your vehicle.

All auctions that end with a final bid above the reserve price and classifieds with accepted offers pay a service fee of only 2% (max $2,000.00) of the sale price.

*See our Terms of Service for details.


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In addition to enjoying a streamlined experience, buyers and sellers have access to a growing network of industry-leading partners that will help you through every step of the process. Our partners provide everything from financing to logistical support once the listing closes. We offer recommendations for industry experts in:

  • Financing  
  • Escrow  
  • Transportation & Storage  
  • Insurance  
  • Appraisal  
  • And other awesome providers!  


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