Amplifying the Awesome Joe Experience with Appraisals from AAG

Auto Appraisal Group (AAG) has teamed up with Awesome Joe Auctions, an online auction platform for modified, motorsport, classic, exotic, and other commodity autos for collectors, racers, and hobbyists.

If a bidder wants to know everything about a vehicle for auction but cannot see it in person, AAG provides pre-purchase inspections and appraisals from local inspectors. This way, the bidder can be sure that they are bidding the right amount—and paying the right amount for insurance.

Since 1989, AAG has been gathering information for vehicle appraisals. Their certified vehicle agents are trained and supported by a strong base of specialists who help ensure that the information they provide is correct. With AAG’s support in the auction process, bidders can be confident in their bids and have a better chance of walking away with the car they want at a great price.

Ready to get your vehicle inspected or appraised? Contact AAG today at 1-800-848-2886.

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Awesome Joe Auctions is the digital marketplace for real motor enthusiasts that utilizes the patent-pending Buy Confident Process which creates a system where buyers and sellers work together through every step of a sale. Buyers can purchase with confidence via condition validation reports while sellers enjoy a free to list until sold* policy and industry-low fees upon sale, plus a large network of buyers ready to purchase their auction or classified listings.

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