Andy Lally Wins Again at Trans Am Debut

It’s not every day that you get to see a killer 16-place jump in a race. But this weekend at the Trans Am debut in Watkins Glen, Andy Lally put the pedal down and made it happen! Lally was driving the GoShare/Burtin Racing Chevy Camaro and keeping it real with his classic MotorCrush suit.
Lally started on pole for this race, finishing his first lap in 00:01:47:827. But a slow leak in his right rear tire caused his car to shake and kicked him down to 17th. Lally held it together, pushing that tire to the absolute max, until it was time to bring it home to the pit. The team gave him a wicked quick pit stop, helping him get right back out on the track. He went from 17th to third in the course of four laps. On the restart after a red flag, Lally took the lead and finished first on the podium with Amy Ruman in second and Paul Fix in third. With this win, his fifth place finish in NASCAR Xfinity race, and his multiple wins and podiums in the Acrua NSX GT3 debut in IMSA Championship Series, Lally is turning even more heads in the community, making an even bigger name for himself. Congrats on the win, Andy!

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