Buy Better and Sell Smarter with Awesome Joe Auctions’ New Patent Pending Process

Awesome Joe Auctions™, the digital marketplace for real motor enthusiasts, has introduced a better way for people to buy and sell vehicles online.

Online auto sales have always presented a problem for both the buyer and the seller as either party could walk away unhappy or even worse fall victim to scammers. Awesome Joe Auctions is aiming to fix that problem.

The company’s new patent-pending Buy Confident ProcessSM implements innovative technology and creates a system where buyers and sellers work together through every step of a sale. Sellers include vehicle conditions of their choice on their listings that will inform a future condition validation report as well as a roster of businesses who may perform that report. When a buyer is interested in the vehicle, they can request that additional conditions be added to the report along with specific validators, however it is up to the seller to accommodate these requests. Once the buyer understands what will be in the report and attempts to purchase, the seller is then required to have the condition validation report performed, the results of which determine if the sale is final.

“This patent-pending process is all about the timing; that’s what sets it apart from other competitors,” explains David Atadan, Business Manager & Managing Member. “Sellers don’t pay a dime to list their vehicle at Awesome Joe Auctions or pay for a condition report ahead of time. Paying for a report pre-sale often makes no sense since the buyers may be interested in specific conditions not included in that report. Plus, the sellers don’t want to spend additional money without selling their vehicle.”

Once a buyer has agreed to purchase a listing with conditions included, they will make a deposit into a secure escrow account setup by the seller with the help of Awesome Joe Agents. Once the deposit is made and the condition validation report completed, the transaction can continue in any manner agreed upon by both parties. The Buy Confident Process instills confidence in buyers and increases the chance of a vehicle selling fast.

Awesome Joe Auctions has also introduced classified listing options to their website. Classified listings sell at a set price with no bidding involved. These listings are perfect for vehicles that haven’t been modified and have a set market value.

“Classified listings are a great way to skip the bidding war and buy or sell vehicles directly”, says Atadan. “With these new types of listings, people can buy vehicles in multiple categories or can sell to a community of motor enthusiasts and not have to worry about the ins and outs of auctions.”

Awesome Joe Auctions offers industry low service fees for both auction and classified listings making it the best way to buy or sell vehicles online. This, along with the Buy Confident Process, makes Awesome Joe Auctions the place for real motor enthusiasts to buy better and sell smarter.

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Awesome Joe Auctions™

Awesome Joe Auctions is the digital marketplace for real motor enthusiasts that utilizes the patent-pending Buy Confident Process which creates a system where buyers and sellers work together through every step of a sale. Buyers can purchase with confidence via condition validation reports while sellers enjoy a free to list until sold* policy and industry-low fees upon sale, plus a large network of buyers ready to purchase their auction or classified listings.

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