Fueling Innovation: Track Rabbit’s 5-Year Partnership Expansion Led by Radford Racing School, GingerMan Raceway, Speed-Fanatics, & More

Track Rabbit, a marketing-based event registration, member management, and administrative e-commerce platform tailored for the motorsports industry, announces 5-year strategic partnerships with an influx of additional leading motorsports organizations including Radford Racing School, the largest purpose-built driver training facility of its kind; GingerMan Raceway, a 27+ year old private road-racing course known for being one of the safest tracks in the nation; and Speed-Fanatics Motorsports Club (SFMC), a Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs (CACC) & National Sporting Authority (ASN) affiliated event organizer, race team, and high-performance driving school.

As the 2024 season approaches, the series of new partnerships continues to grow and positions Track Rabbit to support over 200 clients. High-Performance Driver Education (HPDE) organizations, social clubs, racing schools, membership-based tracks, karting enthusiasts, and motorcycle groups—all are choosing Track Rabbit for the same compelling reasons: operational integrity, forward-thinking vision, built-in marketing automation, revenue-building platform, and unmatched customer service.

Strategic Partnerships for a Thriving Future

These foundational long-term partnerships represent the first of many to be announced which marks a pivotal shift in the industry for Track Rabbit and ALIVE. Organizations are discovering a seamless transition to Track Rabbit, frequently progressing from implementation to mastering the user-friendly system in just a matter of days. With the support of Track Rabbit’s dedicated customer service and implementation team, membership data can seamlessly transfer in a matter of hours. Additionally, these partnerships guarantee price stability, offering unprecedented cost savings of approximately 40-60% when compared to other event registration vendors.

“We’re excited to work with the Track Rabbit team within and even beyond the platform. In our short time of working together, the team has already become an extension of our team, brainstorming new ways to make experiences seamless for our customers and build a cohesive customer journey.” said Andre Rizzotti, Director of Partnerships at Radford Racing School. Enthusiasm is building across many organizations who value strategic comprehensive partnerships. Gary Kwong, Team Principal at Speed-Fanatics expressed, “We are excited to collaborate with a passionate industry partner, promoting transparency while streamlining our operations.”

As consistently demonstrated with existing client-partners, ALIVE remains steadfast in its dedication to ushering these new partnerships towards sustained success and revenue growth.

Driving Innovation and Growth Together

With dominoes falling towards Track Rabbit, the platform gains even greater momentum to facilitate unprecedented product integrations and features, in addition to the current 75+ admin-specific features for building revenue, and 25+ social and user management features for building community.

Through innovative concepts and a strong customer feedback loop, Track Rabbit sets the industry standard with its ever-evolving, agile, and comprehensive feature set which are designed to boost client revenue, reduce administrative burden, and elevate event registration experiences for all types of business models. Zachary Schnitta, General Manager at GingerMan Raceway, stated, “We’re excited to return to utilizing Track Rabbit as a platform and even more excited to witness how far they’ve evolved as a company to support our business model. We anticipate this being a lifelong partnership.”

All Track Rabbit client-partners have access to the entire ALIVE product ecosystem, which creates additional profit-sharing and free marketing opportunities. These integrations, features, and ecosystem access not only drive customer loyalty and retention, but also save time and resources while boosting event attendance, ultimately benefiting the entire industry.

A Future-Forward Collaboration

Track Rabbit and ALIVE are steadfastly leading the transformation of the automotive industry through ongoing and upcoming partnerships, as well as their advanced technology. With more and more organizations joining forces for the unrivaled value offered, there remains a limited number of 5-year incentive sponsorship deals.

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Track Rabbit® is a marketing-based event registration, member management, and administrative e-commerce platform for automotive enthusiasts and the motorsport industry. Through modern technology and features, the platform is designed to keep users engaged and connected, increase revenue and decrease costs for leading tracks, clubs, schools, and others who run events or manage memberships. The platform is just one of many leveraged offerings within the Andy Lally ALIVE brand and is managed by a team of experts that partner with clients to build their business utilizing both features within the technology and through sister platforms, solutions, and services. Visit trackrabbit.com to learn more.

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Andy Lally ALIVE® is a marketing and technology company that serves automotive enthusiasts and the motorsport industry through an ecosystem of industry-specific platforms, solutions, and services. ALIVE acts as a partner to a broad number of clients and customers looking to build their business or brand through modern techniques, modern technology, and passion for the industry. ALIVE’s experts are a mix of strong business acumen and industry expertise that become an extension of client teams to provide long-lasting results. Learn more at andylallyalive.com.