ALIVE Geolocation Application Gets Awarded Patent, Empowering Niche Communities

Trellist Marketing and Technology®, a leading professional services firm that fuels Andy Lally ALIVE®, has been successfully awarded a revolutionary geolocation patent through its initial application for an ALIVE product. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Trellist the esteemed U.S. Patent No. 11,256,752, titled “Interacting with Objects Based on Geolocation.” The patent’s scope encompasses a broad array of implementations commonly encountered in social media and various digital platform environments.

Leveraging a digital profile system, transitory geographic locations, and advanced algorithms, the patented technology revolutionizes the way individuals access and interact with information about physical objects in their vicinity. ALIVE harnessed this technology for vehicles, providing automotive enthusiasts with a new way to connect and share their passion within their communities.

Existing Implementation

One of the patent’s standout implementations enables users to interact with vehicles around them based on location. For instance, imagine attending an automotive social gathering event where the owner isn’t present near their vehicle, and you are interested in their automobile. Thanks to ALIVE’s platform, attendees can easily access a comprehensive list and description of modifications, parts used, and other pertinent details that the vehicle owner has added to their vehicle’s digital profile. This innovative feature allows users to explore the vehicle’s information even in the absence of the owner. The platform acts as a hub for automotive enthusiasts to engage, connect, and communicate with one another. Users can express their appreciation by liking, awarding trophies, and contacting the owner for further inquiries. By leveraging geolocation technology, ALIVE makes it easy for people to discover and join local automotive events, fostering a sense of community and shared interest.

ALIVE’s application of the geolocation patent adds a unique technological aspect to activities that people already engage in. By seamlessly integrating technology into daily routines, it enhances the overall experience. For example, even when you’re unable to physically attend an event, you can virtually explore and admire the impressive array of cars present at the event location. This technology brings people together and allows them to enjoy the excitement of shared experiences regardless of their physical presence.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of technological advancements, alongside renowned companies like Meta and Google.” said Tommy, Product Manager at ALIVE. “Our technology allows automotive enthusiasts to showcase their vehicles and brings like-minded individuals interactively together in a virtual community.”

Broader Industry Applications

In addition to creating a platform for vehicle enthusiasts to connect in a new way, ALIVE has the capability to license this groundbreaking technology to other companies seeking to harness its potential. This creates opportunities for diverse niche groups and communities to leverage the benefits of our innovative patent, unlocking significant applications across various industries.

Inventors and Upcoming Innovations

The inventors of the geolocation patent from Trellist, including David Atadan, Founding Partner and Chief Ventures Officer, and Jie Yang, Senior Partner and Chief Technology Officer, collaborated with Tommy Atadan, ALIVE’s Product Manager, to develop the patent specifically tailored for ALIVE’s application.

This patent represents only the initial step in ALIVE’s remarkable journey of technological advancements. A second patent was filed and is currently awaiting approval for the Awesome Joe Auctions Buy Confident Process℠. By pursuing these innovations, ALIVE aims to propel the industry forward and establish themselves as a prominent technology company dedicated to driving innovation.

ALIVE warmly welcomes interested parties to explore the boundless possibilities presented by the geolocation patent and encourages them to join in revolutionizing the way individuals connect and engage with their surroundings.

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