Get an Inside Look at ALIVE’s Product Evolution

“We’re protecting the buyers, we’re making sure things are verified, and we’re introducing sellers to buyers they feel more comfortable with so it’s more likely the sale is going to go through,” said Product Manager Tommy Atadan, when asked how ALIVE’s Awesome Joe Auctions is different from other online auto auction platforms.

In the recent Cars Yeah episode, Tommy discusses how ALIVE and its product visions began and continue to evolve at a rapid pace. He also outlines why Awesome Joe Auctions’ new patent-pending Buy Confident Process is helping motor enthusiasts—including users of Track Rabbit or MotorCrush—not only buy specialized vehicles sight unseen, but also demonstrate the true value of every vehicle listed for sale on their marketplace.

Check out the full podcast to get an in-depth look at how Atadan helped shape Awesome Joe Auctions and how ALIVE is building off the company’s new process to further solidify its family of products.


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