Awesome Joe Auctions Introduces AJA Lite: A Customizable Vehicle Marketplace Website Tool for Automotive Businesses

Awesome Joe Auctions, the vehicle enthusiast marketplace, is thrilled to announce the launch of AJA Lite, a powerful white label product that enables automotive businesses to offer a new community marketplace on their website. With dozens already installed, AJA Lite seamlessly integrates the Awesome Joe Auctions experience into partnering businesses’ websites, offering a curated place for vehicle purchase and sales, enhanced website engagement, and additional revenue generation.

What makes AJA Lite unique lies in its ability to provide a filtered subset of Awesome Joe Auctions, tailored specifically for the automotive and motorsports industry. By embedding this tool into their websites, businesses can create a secure and user-friendly platform for their customers to buy and sell commodity vehicles.

AJA Lite on Dominion
AJA Lite on Jtune

One of the key advantages of AJA Lite is its customization feature, allowing businesses to match the tool’s colors with their own brand and filter the listings to showcase vehicles that align with their customers’ specific needs. This customization ensures a seamless integration into the partner’s website, providing a consistent and branded experience for their users.

With AJA Lite, automotive businesses can fast-track new customers into their operations by using vehicles for sale as an entry point. This not only expands their customer base but also creates an opportunity for businesses to act as a validator or partner to those sellers or buyers. Additionally, organizers can earn an additional 20% of the profits by helping to market vehicles listed from their page, creating a passive income stream.

AJA Lite on Atlanta Driving Society
AJA Lite on Drift Evolution

One of the standout features of AJA Lite is its incorporation of the patent-pending Buy Confident Process℠, which guarantees a safe and transparent buying experience for customers. This unique process ensures that listings meet predefined expectations and leverages the latest financial tools, providing peace of mind for buyers when purchasing vehicles sight unseen. Sellers, on the other hand, benefit from the condition validation process, which helps establish the true value of their vehicles, resulting in higher sale prices.

“With AJA Lite being one of the interconnected products within ALIVE, automotive businesses can now offer their customers a secure and streamlined vehicle buying and selling experience,” said David Atadan, Co-Founder of ALIVE. “By embedding AJA Lite into their websites, businesses can enhance their communities, generate additional revenue, and provide their customers with a trustworthy platform to transact vehicles hassle-free.”

By leveraging the power of Awesome Joe Auctions’ industry expertise, ethical purchase experience, and innovative features, automotive businesses can maximize their online vehicle sales and provide their customers with a trusted platform for all their automotive needs.

To learn more about AJA Lite and how it can benefit your automotive business, contact us.


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