Lockton Motorsports Insurance® Enters Long-Term Partnership Agreement with Track Rabbit®

Lockton Motorsports®, an insurance provider for motorsports enthusiasts, signed a long-term partnership agreement with Track Rabbit®, an automotive registration, marketing, and administration platform.

In its second year of operation, Track Rabbit is already working with motorsports’ largest tracks and clubs across the country. Lockton Motorsports provides HPDE, Off-Track, AutoCross and Event Organizer Insurance coverage for these events.

Together, Track Rabbit and Lockton Motorsports will offer seamless registration and insurance products for drivers who attend automotive events through the Track Rabbit platform.

“As a company that has protected the cars of enthusiasts for years, Lockton Motorsports will be instantly recognized by our drivers as a trusted and genuine insurance provider,” said Track Rabbit Founder and Professional IMSA Driver, Andy Lally. “Their longevity as a business, as well as efficiency, is what makes them the perfect partner. Their goal is to make getting the policy drivers need fast and easy, even at the last minute.”

Lockton Motorsports, with their eye on innovation, is enthusiastic about what this collaboration brings to the table. “We believe Track Rabbit is the future of motorsports event management and registration,” said Ryan Staub, Motorsports Practice Leader for Lockton Affinity. “Their technology-driven approach and marketing prowess meets the changing needs of motorsports organizers and participants. We are pleased to play a role in this shift in the industry.”

The integration of Lockton Motorsports insurance products into the Track Rabbit platform means drivers will have access to a more direct, streamlined process to ensure the protection of their vehicles. For the tracks, clubs, and schools who have listed their events on Track Rabbit, Lockton Motorsports will bring savvy business knowledge and the protection they need. This precisely aligns with Track Rabbit’s assurance to help their clients build—and now protect—their businesses.

The partnership will not affect the cost to use the platform for Track Rabbit’s clients. Track Rabbit is committed to providing quality products and considerable savings. They offer all-inclusive pricing that is 2% less than most competitors with no service fees, annual fees, or credit card fees.

Drivers who register through Track Rabbit for their club, track, and racing school events will be able to purchase Lockton Motorsports Insurance starting in early June.


About Lockton Motorsports Insurance®

As motorsport enthusiasts themselves, the team at Lockton Motorsports has designed their insurance programs to help bring peace of mind and security to motorsport enthusiasts, allowing individuals to get the full enjoyment out of events with less concern.  Lockton Motorsports, a Lockton Affinity program, offers insurance to cover cars, trailers, equipment and more. Along with comprehensive insurance coverage, Lockton Motorsports offers helpful track resources and an efficient claims process. They have provided consistent and reliable insurance solutions to the motorsports community for more than 10 years.

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About Track Rabbit®

Track Rabbit® is an automotive and motorsport event registration and administration platform within a comprehensive marketing ecosystem. Its powerful, easy to use platform can create heightened member retention, help tap into new revenue streams, and use additional marketing channels to reach key demographics, all while reducing the overall admin. time for your team. Track Rabbit is more than a registration platform—it's a strategic partnership with a motorsports-centric professional services firm. Visit trackrabbit.com to learn more.

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Andy Lally ALIVE® is a digital marketing and technology company that delivers an ecosystem of customized solutions, services, and unique marketing and technology products that support the automotive and motorsports industries. We serve fans and enthusiasts looking for a cohesive experience in their passionate pursuits, as well as businesses looking to reach the unique audiences that the automotive and racing industries represent. Learn more at andylallyalive.com.