Motorsport Industry Veteran and Former BMW Chapter President Joins Track Rabbit Team

In response to its rapidly-increasing client base, Track Rabbit® announced Monday it had hired Angel Hall as the newest member of the company. The automotive and motorsports event registration, administration, and marketing platform sought to grow its Account Management Team with Angel as Relationship Manager.

Angel’s connection to the car culture is paramount, having served as president of the BMW CCA Kansas City chapter for five years (she has since relaxed her responsibilities by stepping down to Vice President, and regularly volunteers for StreetSurvival events).

“As an Event Registrar, I know first-hand the issues that arise, and dedication to thoughtful planning,” Angel said. “Running an event can be stressful, but the good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a spectrum of solutions right here [at Track Rabbit] for attracting, registering, and retaining members—it is the platform for car people.”

As a former administrator for motorsport and automotive registration platforms, Angel understands the needs of the end-user. Her strong technical knowledge and customer service experience within the industry lends an invaluable and specific insight that will serve Track Rabbit’s clients for the better.

“What I love the most about Track Rabbit is how easy it is to build an event!” Angel said. “What used to take several hours of structuring and building can literally be done in a fraction of the time. Additionally, I commend the overall vision of the company and its compatibility with MotorCrush® and Awesome Joe Auctions® [the two companion products to Track Rabbit that, together, create a cohesive ecosystem]. These products are incredibly useful for all levels of motorsport enthusiasts who are looking to broaden their reach to others just like them.”

In her role, Angel will oversee the relationship of Track Rabbit’s clients, understanding their individual goals and how Track Rabbit can best serve them.

Angel has been an active member of BMW CCA for over 10 years, and hails from Less Summit, Missouri.

About Track Rabbit®

Track Rabbit is the streamlined registration and event promotion product from Andy Lally ALIVE®. The unique system combines sophisticated registration capabilities, with advanced automated marketing technology, and social media components to keep users informed and connected while giving racing tracks, clubs and schools the tools they need to fill their rosters and lower operating costs.

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