Performance Level: Über, Driving Evals™ Partners with Track Rabbit®

Driving Evals™, the online evaluation system for driving schools and HPDE events, has partnered with Track Rabbit® to provide instructors and students alike with assessment criteria.

Using Track Rabbit for their track, club, and school events, admins can easily export their drivers’ information, thanks to Track Rabbit’s new compatibility feature, before uploading it to Driving Evals.

Driving Evals

Driving Evals is a 100% online service that allows instructors to evaluate drivers’ skills and recommend run groups based on their performance. Using these evaluations, the system builds personalized logbooks that help drivers set goals, and saves time for future instructors by automatically assigning students to the appropriate run group and corresponding instructor.

Ensuring drivers are in the correct run group creates a better experience across the board for all participants, while mitigating risk for an admin’s organization. 

Created by Dan Chadwick, Boston BMW CCA organizer, Driving Evals is used by BMW CCA, PCA, NAAC, SCCA, and other top automotive organizations. Learn more at

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