Track Rabbit Feature Alert: Custom Teams

Track Rabbit’s Teams feature has had a revamp. Now participants can create their own teams, add teammates, and add team vehicles all within the event registration page. Plus, you can take advantage of the extremely robust team feature previously built and now upgraded to complement your business model and provide you with the team information that you need prior to your events.

Feature Enhancements:

More Flexibility – With our team feature, customers can create teams, add teammates, and add team vehicles within registration or on user profiles. Additionally, you can limit team participation by number of teams per run group, number of participants per team, or vehicles per run group.

Contribution Variables – There are three options on how fees can be applied:

  • Option 1: Require a team captain to pay entire fee
  • Option 2: Split the fee by teammate
  • Option 3: Variation of both, fees percentage applied to team captain and teammates

Increased Pre-Event Preparation – You can require questionnaires to be filled out prior to events, which gives you meaningful insight prior to the start of an event. There are flexible options for the pre-event questionnaires:

  • Option 1: Require a team captain to answer the questionnaire
  • Option 2: Require each teammate to answer separate questionnaires
  • Option 3: Variation of both, questionnaire required by team captain and teammates
Teams Feature

Find out how the upgraded teams feature can work for you and your business model.


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