Track Rabbit Feature Upgrade: Instructor Setting

New upgrades to the Track Rabbit instructor feature allow admins to select a user to act as an “instructor” for events and manage instructor pairing within the roster. This upgrade will give instructors access to additional pages, the ability to perform certain actions, and more. This will allow admins to assign tasks and streamline event management.

Track Rabbit Instructors

Feature Benefits:

  1. Empower Your Instructors: Instructors are the backbone of your HPDE and school operations, and we believe in giving them the autonomy they need to make your operations more efficient. Instructors can take the lead in vetting drivers, ensuring a smoother process.

  2. Organize with Ease: Instructors can leverage the information available in the vetting screen on the roster to make informed decisions. This data-driven approach allows for more precise class organization, helping your school run better than ever.

  3. Simplify Administrative Tasks: By granting instructors this newfound autonomy, your registrars and other administrators can breathe easier. With the weight of vetting and class organization lifted from their shoulders, they can focus on other critical tasks.

Find out how the upgrades to the instructor feature can help you streamline your events.


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