Track Rabbit® Goes the Extra Mile with a Comprehensive Upgrade

In the three years since its launch, Track Rabbit® has grown and improved its platform and services to attract thousands of users and dozens of the industry’s top tracks, schools, and clubs. Today the platform has advanced its stake further with a completely upgraded registration interface and an even larger marketing, administration, and customer service team to support its planned growth.

Driven by Track Rabbit’s continuous feedback loop—including from clients, prospects, and countless individual users—this latest technology update has transformed the registration platform’s user experience, making it faster, more efficient, and more intuitive. The enhancements are made possible by the Angular technology framework on which the platform is built, which enables easy customization and automatic responsiveness for an improved mobile experience.

“As Track Rabbit’s client base grew, we challenged ourselves to look three to five years into the future and anticipate their business needs,” says Tommy Atadan, Track Rabbit Product Manager. “What happens when our clients double their attendance, increase their revenue rapidly, or start hosting more frequent events? How could we build a platform that would support them now and grow with them? Track Rabbit has unlimited potential, and we’re continuing to innovate week over week.”

Track Rabbit’s platform is designed for ease of customization and built-in advertising features that can be configured to show only the hosting organization’s events. Track Rabbit allows tailored exports for different needs, and can integrate a range of client-specific tools. It also delivers a streamlined experience: Enthusiasts who use the platform can select from a range of vendor services—from instructors to helmet rentals—in a single registration step, without having to pay more than one vendor in multiple instances. Track Rabbit engages clients for feedback through its robust account management and customer support programs.

Track Rabbit’s adaptability has made it an extension of many of the motorsports industry’s most elite organizations. Recently the platform was specially integrated to serve the needs of Chapters of the BMW Car Club of America, and the Regions of the Sports Car Club of America that wish to sign up. With each passing year, Track Rabbit reaches an ever-wider user base. But more importantly, it serves as a major feeder into these organizations, bringing new enthusiasts who are ready to hit the track.

“This upgrade is much more than just a product improvement. It’s really the start of something big,” said Andy Lally, founder of Andy Lally ALIVE, the product ecosystem that includes Track Rabbit, along with Awesome Joe Auctions, the online auction house for modified, motorsport, and classic autos, and MotorCrush, a multipurpose app for the modern auto enthusiast. “We’ve always said that competition is good for all of us. It makes our industry better. By evolving a superior interface, we’re cementing bonds between the many demographics encompassed by the automotive and motorsports worlds, so we can grow this industry as a whole. Everyone benefits through improved connectivity, lower costs, and greater revenues.”  

The Andy Lally ALIVE product ecosystem is fueled by Trellist Marketing | Technology, a full-scope provider of marketing and business consulting services. The Trellist affiliation also enables Track Rabbit to offer extremely competitive prices for its services, including minimal transaction fees.

Click here for more information about Track Rabbit, and email to schedule a free demo on your organization’s personalized white label site. If you’re interested in creating a new partnership or venture with Andy Lally ALIVE, email to start the conversation.

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About Track Rabbit®

Track Rabbit® is a marketing-based event registration, member management, and administrative e-commerce platform for automotive enthusiasts and the motorsport industry. Through modern technology and features, the platform is designed to keep users engaged and connected, increase revenue and decrease costs for leading tracks, clubs, schools, and others who run events or manage memberships. The platform is just one of many leveraged offerings within the Andy Lally ALIVE brand and is managed by a team of experts that partner with clients to build their business utilizing both features within the technology and through sister platforms, solutions, and services. Visit to learn more.

About Andy Lally ALIVE®

Andy Lally ALIVE® is a marketing and technology company that serves automotive enthusiasts and the motorsport industry through an ecosystem of industry-specific platforms, solutions, and services. ALIVE acts as a partner to a broad number of clients and customers looking to build their business or brand through modern techniques, modern technology, and passion for the industry. ALIVE’s experts are a mix of strong business acumen and industry expertise that become an extension of client teams to provide long-lasting results. Learn more at