Track Rabbit New Feature: Removable Transaction Fees

In the pursuit of innovation, Track Rabbit announces its latest game-changing optional feature: Removable Transaction Fees. This feature is set to redefine event organization administration by providing event organizers with options of unparalleled flexibility, profitability, and transparency.

Registration Options

Key Highlights:

  1. Fee Flexibility: Event organizers can decide whether their organization(s) covers the transaction fee or charges the registrant with a flip of a switch. Organizations can share any percentage of the transaction fees with the customer from 0 to 100%.

  2. Transparency: If enabled, a new line item is added to the cart during the final payment step, displaying the service fee.

  3. Real-time Calculation: No guesswork in fees! The transaction fee is calculated and updated when users add items to their cart or make changes during registration.

This update aims to modernize the event management experience, guarantee profitability, and empower organizers with the freedom to choose. Importantly, it’s not a one-size-fits-all change; the decision to use this feature rests entirely with event organizers, allowing them to tailor their approach to their unique needs.

“Our commitment to innovation has led to the development of ‘Removable Transaction Fees,’ a feature upgrade designed to enhance event management capabilities while supporting profitability,” said Tommy Atadan, Product and Project Manager at Track Rabbit. “At Track Rabbit, we understand that every business is unique, and our custom-made features are here to support your specific goals.”

Contact our team to delve deeper into how this feature can benefit your organization.


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