Track Rabbit®: The Paradigm Shift in Motorsports Registration

Track Rabbit® is the streamlined registration and event promotion product from Andy Lally ALIVE®. Only in its second year, the platform is recognized as a sophisticated and customizable tool that is increasing driver attendance and saving money for the industry leaders who have made the switch. With a growing list of new features and functions—that originate directly from their clients—Track Rabbit is changing the game.

“Track Rabbit is different from other registration engines because they are able and eager to modify [the platform] so it works best for VIR,” said Clayton Myers, VIR’s Driving Club and Range Director. “We never had this in the past. It was always, ‘This is what it is. This is what you got. Deal with it’.”

Though still new, Track Rabbit is setting attendance records. Last season VIRginia International Raceway had its largest track event to date. Their Spring Sprints/Majors Test Day scheduled for April 11, 2019 has surpassed last season’s numbers, requiring them to cap the total number of participants. Another driving club also recently broke their largest attendance record when they put their event registration on the platform. These results are projected for all of Track Rabbit’s clients, including the SCCA’s Milwaukee Region, Inde Motorsports Ranch, Lime Rock Park, GingerMan Raceway, and others.

In addition to record-breaking attendance, Track Rabbit clients also report considerable savings. Track Rabbit’s all-inclusive pricing is 2% less than most competitors—no fine print, no service fees, no annual fees, no credit card fees. Last season, Track Rabbit saved its clients as much as $20,000 over their previous registration provider.

Track Rabbit’s standard for quality products and services is mirrored by its dedication to customer service and client support. The Implementation Team ensures a smooth transition onto the Track Rabbit platform, providing new clients with a custom white label site that is ready for registrations within 24 hours.

“Track Rabbit and their staff have been an invaluable partner for LevelUp Racing School,” said Peter Stolz, owner and lead instructor. “The system is seamless, reliable, flexible and the staff is very responsive to our needs. Whenever I have questions, I get immediate answers. I cannot recommend it and their staff enough!”

The Track Rabbit platform continues to expand its features and service offerings. It is positioned to be a turn-key solution for over 95% of the tracks, clubs and schools that require registration software. The ALIVE team has projected to capture 40% of the primary track day event market by end of this year, and 80% by end of 2020.

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About Track Rabbit®

Track Rabbit® is a marketing-based event registration, member management, and administrative e-commerce platform for automotive enthusiasts and the motorsport industry. Through modern technology and features, the platform is designed to keep users engaged and connected, increase revenue and decrease costs for leading tracks, clubs, schools, and others who run events or manage memberships. The platform is just one of many leveraged offerings within the Andy Lally ALIVE brand and is managed by a team of experts that partner with clients to build their business utilizing both features within the technology and through sister platforms, solutions, and services. Visit to learn more.

About Andy Lally ALIVE®

Andy Lally ALIVE® is a marketing and technology company that serves automotive enthusiasts and the motorsport industry through an ecosystem of industry-specific platforms, solutions, and services. ALIVE acts as a partner to a broad number of clients and customers looking to build their business or brand through modern techniques, modern technology, and passion for the industry. ALIVE’s experts are a mix of strong business acumen and industry expertise that become an extension of client teams to provide long-lasting results. Learn more at