Track Rabbit’s 2022 Update Goes Well Beyond Event Registration

Based on years of experience in the motorsports event registration space and a vision to make continuous enhancements, Track Rabbit has launched a new 2022 version of its website. This includes an extensive number of features, adding dozens more events and clients to its all-star roster of tracks, schools, and clubs, and employing a true partnership model that is resonating with the industry. Tech innovation and marketing have always been at the heart of this platform, and those looking for a leg up are choosing Track Rabbit 2022.

Part of the Andy Lally ALIVE® company, Track Rabbit 2022 is an essentially free motorsports event registration platform (clients only pay credit card transaction fees), membership management service, and comprehensive marketing system. Track Rabbit 2022 provides countless benefits that aid organizations with user acquisition, loyalty, and retention, and acts as a true extension of a track, school, or club’s brand.

The company’s robust event-management system has undergone continuous updates over the past year to offer customers more features and services than anyone else. Not only do these updates help organizations acquire more registrants, they also help maximize their revenue potential.

The new 2022 features go well beyond just registration. They include automated monthly membership billing and renewal, spectator events promotion, driver vetting and passport, drag-and-drop instructor pairing, free pre-scheduled email and texting, free e-waiver integration, large dollar financing and much more. Through a top-rated customer service and account management team, clients and registrants can learn to utilize these 100+ unique features with ease.

The marketing of services and events is key to maximizing attendance at any motorsports organization. As part of the ALIVE company, Track Rabbit 2022 is backed by Trellist, a ~100-person digital marketing and technology firm serving some of the world’s largest companies. Trellist offers a mix of strategy, data, analytics, innovation, and creativity with the expertise needed to help any business excel. This partnership enables Track Rabbit 2022 to provide users with another level of support through high-performance strategies and execution programs that isn’t found anywhere else.

Track Rabbit’s goal is to do much more than just fill rosters. The platform gives businesses the tools they need to get to the next level by pairing each organization with an account manager who provides impeccable customer service and works to develop custom strategies that fit any possible need. It’s a new level of support for the backbone of the motorsports industry that ensures organizations that use the platform aren’t leaving any money on the table.

Because Track Rabbit is part of the ALIVE network, it has a business model unlike any other. Clients are charged only the cost of their credit card transaction fees. This makes Track Rabbit essentially free to use, as tracks, schools and clubs would have to pay those same transaction fees to run their own event registration sites. Track Rabbit is able to provide its services at a low cost thanks to its sister products, which generate revenue that is distributed through the ALIVE ecosystem.

Track Rabbit’s philosophy is to do more for the industry than ever before. Without its innovation and commitment to enhancing the motorsports community, there would be only stale ideas and higher prices. Track Rabbit’s new products, features, marketing, and customer service will never stop advancing and are available to every customer, which is what will always keep Track Rabbit ahead of other event registration organizations.

The game of motorsports event registration has changed, and Track Rabbit has become a top player. Dozens of clients have signed up and are already reaping the benefits of the 2022 updates. With a powerful, easy-to-use platform that includes a wide variety of features, Track Rabbit is simply the best way for the motorsports community to get on tracks and for organizations to grow and sustain themselves in the digital world.

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