World Racing League Signs with Track Rabbit®

In a club-wide announcement last weekend, World Racing League stated they have made the switch to Track Rabbit as the future registration and event promotion platform for all of their events. Known for its amateur series promoting and operating endurance races at road courses across the United States, World Racing League (WRL), promises to deliver a “pro-racing feel [on a] grassroots budget.”

The Texas-based club signed with Track Rabbit for the registration system’s ease of use and customizable features. “Everyone we’ve talked to at Track Rabbit has been great about reacting to and adapting our needs to create a platform that works for us,” WRL’s Vice President, RJ Till said. “Not many companies are willing to do that.”

WRL’s events will go live on in December 2019, in tandem with new features built specifically for racing teams and driving guests. All of Track Rabbit’s features are created directly with their clients, giving them the power to customize their branded white label—designed to streamline drivers directly to their site—at no additional cost.

As Track Rabbit’s clients have already listed their 2020 events, now is the time for tracks, clubs, and schools to sign up and see an increase in member retention, tap into new revenue streams, and use additional marketing channels to reach key demographics in the new year, all while reducing overall admin time.

In addition, Track Rabbit’s clients only pay 3.25% + $0.45 per transaction: a much lower rate than competitors. There are no service fees. No annual fees. No hidden costs.

“We’re eager to kick off the implementation process,” Till said. “The new decade opens up a lot of possibilities, and we’re looking to tap into all of them with Track Rabbit.”

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